[mythtv-users] Re: Myth and Wireless

Louis Adamich ladamich at cox.net
Wed Sep 15 12:21:17 EDT 2004

Greg Foster wrote:

>You mentioned you're using this card for Myth ?  Would it be under
>Knoppix by any chance ?
>Details on how you got the card working (or a url if there are notes
>somewhere else) would be very helpful.
I'm not using Knoppix.  I am running fedora core 2.  I followed Jacobs 
instructions and didn't have to deviate too much.  The wireless card is 
a linksys (not sure of the model number as I am at work not at home).  I 
used ndiswrapper to get the card to work as there are no linux drivers 
yet.  I haven't had any problems so far with the card.  Search for 
ndiswrapper and linux on google to find info.

I think I did this if I remember right.

1.  Downloaded the ndiswrapper source.
2.  Compiled the source.
3.  Downloaded all the linksys drivers for the ndiswrapper website.
4.  Installed the drivers one by one until I found one that worked.

Hope this helps some.


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