[mythtv-users] Recording every part of a TV series

Schlomo Schapiro ivtv at schlomo.schapiro.org
Wed Sep 15 11:08:11 EDT 2004

Hi there,

I also find that quite annoying, but the problem lies with the source 
website that xmltv_de uses (tvtoday). I was already thinking of patching 
the xmltv script to put this "X. Teil" stuff into the subtitle field. This 
would make series appear as one series with many episodes and not as many 
differents shows ...

Do you want to do this ? I am rather short on free time ...


On Sun, 12 Sep 2004, Markus Meissner wrote:

> Hi,
> I think that I am just to stupid to find the options, so never mind if this is 
> a silly question...
> I want to record every part of the Simpsons series. The problem is that in my 
> program-guide every part has a different name: "Simpsons 4. Teil", "Simpsons 
> 5. Teil", "Simpsons 6. Teil" (Teil is part in german) etc. No matter what 
> option in the Recording-Screen I use, the other parts are never recoreded (or 
> at least not marked to be recorded). 
> One solution would be that I just can say "Record 'Simpsons *.Teil' everywhere 
> you find it". Is that possible?


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