[mythtv-users] Wireless on Linux

Phill Wiggin wigginp at mantech-wva.com
Wed Sep 15 10:31:22 EDT 2004

Eric Joe wrote:

>>On Wed, 2004-09-15 at 00:04 -0700, John Smith wrote:
>>>Does anybody have a wireless MythTV box? I'm just
>>>trying to determine which (if any) PCI wireless cards
>>>work under Linux.
>>I don't run Myth on my laptop, but I use a prism based PCMCIA card on
>>the laptop that works fine, and is easily fast enough to stream video
>>(I've watched enough mpeg2 and divx movies from an nfs mounted drive to
>>be able to say that).
>802.11b is *NOT* fast enough to watch Live TV from a MythBox backend to a
>wireless frontend. I havent tried 802.11g.
I have two wireless setups using 802.11g and both work fine for 
streaming video.  My laptop has a Broadcomm wireless card (4306?) that 
runs flawlessly with ndiswrapper under linux.  There's a slight 
buffering pause when the video is queued up initially, but that's to be 
expected.  Fast-forward, rewind, commercial skips are all fine. 

My router is a WRT54G with the Sveasoft firmware (Satori) installed.  My 
Xbox-frontend is connected to a second WRT54G (Satori) set up as a WDS 
bridge.  The Xbox experiences slower response times when skipping around 
in the video, but that's to be expected.  As I understand it, WDS 
decreases your wireless throughput.  Regardless, it's still acceptable 
for using MythTV.

--Phill W.

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