[mythtv-users] EPIA MII + FC2 + Epia kernel + Jarod's Guide = possible?

Ivan A. Beveridge ivan at dreamtime.org
Wed Sep 15 08:58:03 EDT 2004

On Mon, Sep 13, 2004 at 06:03:41PM -0400, Micah Wedemeyer wrote:
> I'm going to order my Epia MII 10K tonight and I'm still not sure exactly how
> to go about putting together a Myth box with it.  I keep swaying back and
> forth between the Gentoo guide on the epiawiki and Jarod's guide.  Personally,
> I've installed and used Red Hat 9.0 before and was quite pleased.  Plus, I
> find Jarod's guide pretty easy to follow.  Therefore, I'd like to go with FC2
> as used in Jarod's guide.

Whilst not ideal, I'm using a debian (testing) install, with a 2.6.7
kernel (patched with -epia1). I rebuild the debian myth packages to
enable CLE266 hardware acceleration, and it works fine.

I also needed to download (and use) The DRI driver from the "unichrome"
project, for CLE-accelerated X.

> To be honest, I'm not sure exactly what the -epia kernel patch provides.  If
> it's just a bunch of .config stuff, I can probably do that by hand without too
> much trouble.  I've compiled a few kernels before, so I know the basics.

The epia patch includes DRM and (IIRC) DRI patches, amongst other
patches ... so you'll want it if you want hardware acceleration through
the onboard graphics accelerator.

For info, I record high-res PAL via myth (it uses ~10p/c CPU) but I
cannot realistically play it back on the MII 12000 without hardware
acceleration. If I renice the mythfrontend process to -10, then it just
about plays back OK on 97p/c CPU utilisation.


Ivan Beveridge	<ivan at dreamtime.org>

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