Dual headed Myth - was Re: [mythtv-users] PVR350/Myth Questions

Patrik Lockne patrik at lockne.com
Wed Sep 15 05:56:47 EDT 2004

David wrote:
> [...]
> I do something very similar though. I run 2 instances of Myth on 1 
> machine on different virtual terminals and I switch between the VTs.
> 1 outputs to the TV, via the PVR350, the other to a vga device 
> (projector) via a vga card.
> I created a new user (mybhbig) and started an X session with an 
> alternate config
> here's the lines from my /etc/init.d/ script
>        chvt 8
>        nohup su - mythbig /home/mythbig/runx >>/var/log/projector.log 
> 2>&1 &
> (chvt is a fantastic command - possibly worth putting in your .lirc file)
 > [...]

I have a similar setup. I use my Myth box both as a Linux desktop and 
for MythTV. The desktop runs on vt9 and Mythfrontend runs on vt8.

Can I configure LIRC to switch to the MythTV VT when I press the "power" 
button on my Hauppauge remote? Do you happen to have an example .lircrc?

Best regards,

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