[mythtv-users] Enabling the SPDIF output on a intel8x0 soundcard?

David George david at thegeorges.us
Tue Sep 14 20:14:53 EDT 2004

William wrote:

>What do I need to do to enable the spdiff output on my motherboard? The
>system is a intel8x0 based nForce chipset running Myth ver.16 which is
>working fine on normal line out. I have the optical connected to my stereo
>and it says that there is a link but no sound. I presume I need to change
>something in my .asoundrc  but not sure what. Got a link you can share?

There is an Nforce .asoundrc on that page.  I don't use it as I have an 
Intel 82801DB(?) (ICH4).  I do use a variation of that .asoundrc though.

Also, if you use gnome-alsamixer (also works in kde) uncheck IEC958 
Input Monitor and uncheck Analog to IEC958 output.  Make sure that 
IEC958 is checked and also that the MASTER and PCM sliders are not muted 
and are not set to 0.


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