[mythtv-users] [offtopic] what do you use to 'stream' mp3

Benjamin Carlisle bcarlisle at 24oz.com
Tue Sep 14 18:13:06 EDT 2004

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> > hi all,
> > 
> > as you are the linux and multimedia guys here, maybe you 
> can answer my 
> > question.
> > 
> > I have dozens of mp3 on my server, but would like to listen 
> to them in 
> > every room. for the living room, myth does a perfect job, 
> but for the 
> > kitschen, the garage, etc. it is simply to expensive. I am in love 
> > with these small $100 boxes from netgear or linksys, but they all 
> > require (at least from my
> > understanding) a windows box to act as a server. is there anything 
> > that i could use with a standard protocol like ftp, nfs or ......
> > 
> Hi,
> Edna (http://edna.sourceforge.net/)  is what you want.  
> Streams over http.  Works with all popular players.  I use it 
> to stream my 60GB+
> mp3 collection.  Excellent directory based on-the-fly 
> generated track listing.  Keeps statistics and can (should) 
> be password protected.  No need to install anything other 
> than edna and python (which you probably already have).  
> Development on it is slow, but, it Just Works (tm).
> A>

Also check out Netjuke (http://www.netjuke.org/), which streams over HTTP.
It's not a device, it needs PHP and a SQL database on a server (read: myth
backend), but does require a networked PC with a soundcard and browser to
access. But it's great if you want to access your collection on all your

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