[mythtv-users] [offtopic] what do you use to 'stream' mp3

Sebastian Heuer seb at belanur.de
Tue Sep 14 14:49:44 EDT 2004

I use vlc (http://www.videolan.org)  for streaming anything like video 
or audio. you actually could stream to an url like http://server:8080, 
even multicast streams are possible... I also use vlc for playback...

hope this helps


zardoz at zardoz.ath.cx schrieb:

>hi all, 
>as you are the linux and multimedia guys here, maybe you can answer my 
>I have dozens of mp3 on my server, but would like to listen to them in every 
>room. for the living room, myth does a perfect job, but for the kitschen, the 
>garage, etc. it is simply to expensive. I am in love with these small $100 
>boxes from netgear or linksys, but they all require (at least from my 
>understanding) a windows box to act as a server. is there anything that i 
>could use with a standard protocol like ftp, nfs or ...... 
>thanks fro your input
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