[mythtv-users] Fresh install / FC2 / PVR-350 / Kernel 521 / Comments to Jarod

SULU suse-lists at bizmarky.com
Tue Sep 14 12:06:46 EDT 2004

First, thanks to Jarod for the guide.  I would have no hair left 
(instead of half a head) without it.  This is just a list of issues I 
had, for those installing FC2 and myth right now, and for Jarod, in case 
he wants to note some of them in the guide:

I installed FC2 fresh.

I think the MythTV docs said JFS was good, so I decided to use that.  I 
had to search a bit to find that you have to type 'linux jfs' at the 
boot prompt in order to have access to that filesystem (same for XFS, 
etc.).  However, the install bombed out when trying to format the JFS 
partition, and after searching a bit, I read that JFS may be broken in FC2.

Spent about an hour (okay, probably two) with partition magic (argh) and 
QTParted in Knoppix, finally getting my JFS partition.

I started on the Guide after the install.  The apt-get dist updates were 
wonderful.  I manually up2dated the kernel after that, to v521.

My system froze at kudzu when booting from 521, and I saw a few others 
with this problem on the Fedora list.  I booted back to stock kernel and 
disabled kudzu at boot with 'setup'.

For some reason I had to get the 4 RPM's for the nvidia6111 drivers 
(kernel-, plus 3 nvidia-) manually from atrpms.net, however (don't 
remember why).  I used apt-get for everythign else that I could.

When I got to the part about mythtv-suite, it told me it wasn't found.  
I checked my sources.list file and only had two entries (fedora updates 
and at-stable, I believe).  Jarod, perhaps you can include a link to a 
full repo version (I couldn't find one anywhere).  Also, I wasn't able 
to get mythtv-suite until I added at-testing with synaptic (could've 
done by hand, of course).  I would definitely add to the guide that you 
may need to do that if the current 'latest release' of mythtv is in 
testing or what have you.

I just got my PVR-350 card from newegg last week, and tuner=2 didn't 
work for me (only got snow).  I had to use tuner=39.  I would def. add 
that to the guide, also.

I got an error when doing the mysql operation that involved that 4-line 
file that adds privileges.  I google'd a bit and read that the error was 
for a newer version of mysql, and not to worry about it.

There was something about modprobe.conf... adding lines above some path= 
line.  I didn't have that path line anywhere in mine.

That's all I can think of at the moment.

The box:

Gigabyte GA-7VAXP
Athlon 2X00+
Chaintech GeForce4 MMX440-8X (for TV Out)
WinTV PVR-350
(2) 120GB 7200 ATA in on-board RAID 1 array
Creative Audigy 2 Platinum

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