[mythtv-users] Nebula DVB card under MythTV not very good

Rob Willett rob.mythtv at robertwillett.com
Tue Sep 14 11:59:28 EDT 2004


I have a mythtv 0.15.1 system with the Nebula DVB card. 
The OS is RH9.0 but with a kernel. I'm using the on-board sound system
based on the Crystal Media CMI8738

I have some issues with the live TV side of things and wondered if it was just
me. The rest of MythTV works really well, just the DVB TV side of things. 

Watching TV with the Nebula card isn't a good experience. Problems include

1) Slow channel changes 2-3 seconds. My Panasonic DVB settop box is fairly instant.
2) Stuttering audio. Some channels, randonmly as far as I can tell, give poor
audio and then when you change a channel and move back are fine.
3) It doesn't seem to handle any of the DVB radio stations properly with a
different video pid. e.g. I've tuned Radio 7 with a different PID but the audio
is constantly stuttering.

Any help, guidance, updates welcomed. Am I the only one having these niggling
but annoying issues.



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