[mythtv-users] Nvidia tvout picture quality

huffman at graze.net huffman at graze.net
Tue Sep 14 09:25:34 EDT 2004

Discussion about mythtv <mythtv-users at mythtv.org> wrote: 
> Hrmm,
> I'm interested in other peoples opinions on the best settings (deint,
> xvmc etc) to use with NVIDIA cards also.
> Randy, are you using the TV-out of your nvidia card or is your TV
> vga-capable? Which TV-out connector are you using (composite/s-video)?
> I used to use TV-out on an mx440, and it also sucked, then I got a
> secondhand H+(dxr3) mpeg2 decoder card with TV-out, man that thing
> looked so much better its not even funny. It wont work with mythtv to my
> knowledge though. (I was using VDR at the time)
> Now I am back to using an mx440 (nforce2 onboard video to be specific)
> connected via VGA to my new 32" HD CRT and it is a lot better than the
> TV-out (svideo/composite) of the nvidia card. But not as good for
> smoothness as the old H+.
> A few points I have noticed:
> (FYI, my TV is doing 1280x720 progressive @60Hz, fed by the VGA of
> nforce2 onboard video, video signal is dvb HDTV (original format
> 1440x1080 interlaced), mythtv version is cvs the day B4 0.16; "deint"
> below refers to any deint algorithm.
> - no deint + no xvmc = total crap (visible interlacing artifacts), CPU=?
> - no deint + xvmc = very smooth, no visible interlacing artifacts (xvmc
> doesnt seem to need a deinterlaced signal?), but visual quality is not
> great(colours not as vibrant, appears 'grainier'), CPU=20%
> - deint + xvmc = smooth, but blocky, the deint seems to screw with xvmc
> to the point where it looks better without it. Also, I have had frontend
> crashes with some deint algos + xvmc. CPU=20%
> - deint + no xvmc = excellent visual quality (varies slightly depending
> on deint algo), but not quite as smooth as xvmc. CPU=60%
> Based on smoothness and CPU usage, xvmc would be perfect, but the image
> quality just is not there, is this ever likely to change? or is it
> beyond the control of the application?
> NVIDIA users: What deint/xvmc combinations are you using???

I have a GeForce4 MX440.  I'm using CVS also the day before .16.  I generally
use kernel de-int and no XvMC.  I've tried BOB, but I can't get over the crappy

Doug L - Do you have a patch for the OSD using BOB or do you just put up with
it?  I know that you mentioned that you use it.

BTW, I've tried going to a better card to no avail, just tried an NVIDIA
FX5700LE....much better card.  Looks the same.  :-(  Still not smooth on


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