[mythtv-users] PVR-350 - Channels above 15 are static

Rich Hawley rich.hawley at gmail.com
Tue Sep 14 08:25:18 EDT 2004

>>I have a new LG tuner based PVR-350.  I applied the patches to ivtv
>>and bttv that were posted in this list.  I thought everything was
>>working fine because I load ptune-ui.pl and mplayer and I can view
>>every channel.  However, when I load mythfrontend and try to watch
>>live TV, every channel above 15 is pure static.  I have tried using
>>the channel editor to fine tune the frequency but no luck.  I am using
>>zap2it and have Comcast cable (east coast).
>Could you check the output of mythbackend? When you change the channel
>it prints the frequency. Is it what it should be?

Well it turns out that mythbackend isn't displaying any channel
frequencies.  I get the impression it isn't changing the channel at
all.  If I load ptune-ui.pl on top of mythfrontend, I can change the
channels with that and then pause/rewind/ff etc.

Now, I shouldn't need any kind of external channel change command
right?  I'm using the remote that came with the pvr 350 and when I
change channels in mythtv, it does display the proper program guide
info and the proper channel number in the top left corner.  Just no
picture.  I don't know if this matters but in the mythbackend log
file, I get this line

2004-09-14 08:06:41 Getting next free recorder : -1

Not sure what this means but a -1 doesn't seem like a good number to
see there.  I know in the tuner detection, -1 was an indication of a
problem until I patched my ivtv drivers.  Is this a problem here too?

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