[mythtv-users] coax spdif mobo recomedation ?

dave johnson DJ4904 at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 14 05:09:53 EDT 2004

thanks steve, i hadn't thought of that option...  that's pretty slick.  that certainly opens up the possibilities.

in my search tonight, i DID come across the ASUS P4P800 SE and it looks decent if i added a cheap $25 radeon:


i have heard that while the Realtek ACL655 (and 650) can re-encode system audio to a 5.1 signal out the S/PDIF, most other
integrated sound chipsets cannot ? ? ?

i have looked through the hardware database on http://pvrhw.goldfish.org/tiki-pvrhwdb.php and it doesn't really list specifics about
audio->A/V receiver interface and usability.  not having setup a working mythtv box yet (my TurboTV had bad driver issues and my PCI
ATI AIW Rage 128 Pro had even worse problems) and don't currently have a sound card with S/PDIF out, i haven't experienced how the
sound interface works.

i'd like to route all audio out the S/PDIF to be handled by the AVR-520.  the unit supposedly can auto-sense PCM/AC3/MP3 over the
S/PDIF in but i have no hardware to validate this functionality.

if i should be looking at an archive thread on hardware setups somewhere, please point me to it.

thanks again !

ps- i'm pretty excited about this project since life without my DirectTiVo the last 6mos has been painful !  my scenario, for those

-full ATX case HTPC/server workhorse in attic going via HD-15 VGA to X1 ceiling-mounted in viewing room.

-75-ohm coax and stereo rca pair going from pc to a Harmon-Kardon AVR-520 reciever in viewing room (wires already ran.)

-usb-2.0 cable (active) extension going to ND-2510 Dual-Layer DVD-/+RW in external USB 2.0 case in media rack in viewing room (wires
already ran.)


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Dave, perhaps consider something to convert SPDIF optical to coax as an
outboard device. I did a quick google and found this:


It's $26.  You'll find far more options with optical SPDIF outputs on
motherboards than coax.

I've not used one of these, but it's a fairly simple digital conversion,
would probably work great for you and open up more options.


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> Subject: [mythtv-users] coax spdif mobo recomedation ?
> i have been looking for a motherboard with the following
> criteria and am having a difficult time narrowing it down.
> -integrated 6-channel audio with *coax* spdif out -integrated
> graphics (vga out to X1 projector, dvi not a requirement)
> -integrated 10/100 nic -at least 2 ide channels ata100 or
> higher -usb 2.0 (for remote dvd unit in veiwing area)
> -4 or more pci slots (full size atx case in attic)
> i was looking at the msi K7N2GM2-LSR since the additional
> SATA support would allow me to ditch my power-edge raid
> controller card and raid 1 boot drives and replace with a
> pair of larger/cheaper SATA drives and use the onboard raid,
> which would knock me a pci card so the 3-slots wouldn't be as
> much of an issue but i'm not sure of the SPDIF specs on this
> board.  i need  coax spdif out because i already have the
> wires run (and sealed) in the wall and can't do an optical
> like the barebones pundit, etc.
> pci slots i need are for Technotrend DVB-S card, WinTV-HD,
> BT848 (ixTV), and Dell PERC Raid controller (willing to
> replace with SATA Raid if available on mobo.)
> someone told me that the integrated spdif on the wintv-hd
> could be used for overall system sound out ?  if that's the
> case, then i could ditch the onboard coax spdif requirement
> for the mobo ?
> so many options, not sure where to start.  even tho it's all
> supposed to work together, we all  know how these driver
> incompatibilities only seem to surface once you have
> everything and are scratching your head tryig to figure out
> why it doesn't work.
> any suggestions ?   the machine will be used for typical htpc
> use, as well as email archiving (Zoe),
> vpn to the house, accounting software for my small hosting
> company (optigold)
> thanks !
> -=dave
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