[mythtv-users] Nvidia tvout picture quality

David myth at dgreaves.com
Tue Sep 14 03:52:31 EDT 2004

randy ferrill wrote:

> Issue, the picture quality using my antenna compared to my normal tv 
> signal is not as bright nor are the whites really white. If I adjust 
> the brightness to get the colors brighter then in brighter scenes it 
> is overly bright and washed out. Currently this is ok on my 27” tv but 
> I have a projector in the works (2^nd revision) and it is capable of a 
> picture over 8’ wide indoors (used it outside and got a great 25’x16’ 
> on the side of my house) So I want to drive it with my Mythtv box and 
> this is my stumbling point.
> Also I am assuming that the flick during high speed panning is the 
> video card not being fast enough to smoothly display , Can anyone 
> recommend a inexpensive Nvidia replacement ? How does the 5200 rate?
tv out is not the same as vga out.
I agree that cheap nvidia tv out can be a bit lacking.

Before buying a new card, try the projector wih Myth. My Nvidia card 
drives mine fantastically.

I run two X sessions on mine. One goes out of the PVR350, one goes out 
of the VGA.


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