[mythtv-users] Nvidia tvout picture quality

David Collett david.collett at dart.net.au
Tue Sep 14 02:52:46 EDT 2004

I'm interested in other peoples opinions on the best settings (deint,
xvmc etc) to use with NVIDIA cards also.

Randy, are you using the TV-out of your nvidia card or is your TV
vga-capable? Which TV-out connector are you using (composite/s-video)?

I used to use TV-out on an mx440, and it also sucked, then I got a
secondhand H+(dxr3) mpeg2 decoder card with TV-out, man that thing
looked so much better its not even funny. It wont work with mythtv to my
knowledge though. (I was using VDR at the time)

Now I am back to using an mx440 (nforce2 onboard video to be specific)
connected via VGA to my new 32" HD CRT and it is a lot better than the
TV-out (svideo/composite) of the nvidia card. But not as good for
smoothness as the old H+.

A few points I have noticed:
(FYI, my TV is doing 1280x720 progressive @60Hz, fed by the VGA of
nforce2 onboard video, video signal is dvb HDTV (original format
1440x1080 interlaced), mythtv version is cvs the day B4 0.16; "deint"
below refers to any deint algorithm.

- no deint + no xvmc = total crap (visible interlacing artifacts), CPU=?

- no deint + xvmc = very smooth, no visible interlacing artifacts (xvmc
doesnt seem to need a deinterlaced signal?), but visual quality is not
great(colours not as vibrant, appears 'grainier'), CPU=20%

- deint + xvmc = smooth, but blocky, the deint seems to screw with xvmc
to the point where it looks better without it. Also, I have had frontend
crashes with some deint algos + xvmc. CPU=20%

- deint + no xvmc = excellent visual quality (varies slightly depending
on deint algo), but not quite as smooth as xvmc. CPU=60%

Based on smoothness and CPU usage, xvmc would be perfect, but the image
quality just is not there, is this ever likely to change? or is it
beyond the control of the application?

NVIDIA users: What deint/xvmc combinations are you using???


On Tue, 2004-09-14 at 12:50, randy ferrill wrote:
> My system :
> AMD Athlon xp 1800
> 384meg sdram
> 120gb Maxtor hd
> pvr250
> Nvidia 440mx
> Issue, the picture quality using my antenna compared to my normal tv
> signal is not as bright nor are the whites really white. If I adjust
> the brightness to get the colors brighter then in brighter scenes it
> is overly bright and washed out. Currently this is ok on my 27” tv but
> I have a projector in the works (2nd revision) and it is capable of a
> picture over 8’ wide indoors (used it outside and got a great 25’x16’
> on the side of my house) So I want to drive it with my Mythtv box and
> this is my stumbling point.
> Also I am assuming that the flick during high speed panning is the
> video card not being fast enough to smoothly display , Can anyone
> recommend a inexpensive Nvidia replacement ? How does the 5200 rate?
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