[mythtv-users] Pundit noise with fast processor?

/dev/tty dev.tty at gmail.com
Tue Sep 14 01:57:14 EDT 2004

On Mon, 13 Sep 2004 16:10:10 -0400, John Kuhn <kuhn at razorsys.com> wrote:
> I only have experiance with the SiS based pundit and it is near silent..
> very slight hum can be heard from the cpu fan (which is the only fan)

My SiS-based Pundit also has a fan in the PSU, which runs at 100% all
the time. The CPU fan is controlled by Q-Fan, but even at low-level
(~1900RPM) I found it rather noisy.

 I run my 2Ghz Celeron on 250Mhz most of the time, unless it's needed
(which isn't very often because the hard work is being done by my

I've exchanged the CPU-fan with a Verax-fan, which are _very_ quiet
(but also _very_ expensive). I still haven't decided if I'll exchange
the PSU-fan as well; because of it's formfactor, it's difficult to


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