[mythtv-users] How MythTV works and other questions

Stephen Tait tait at digitallaw.co.uk
Mon Sep 13 21:57:13 EDT 2004

At 17:44 13/09/2004 -0700, you wrote:
> > And this is where the Xbox comes in.  From what I have been reading,
> > it actually makes a decent HDTV output device.
>I don't have an Xbox to test with
>That being said, my testing on HD source material, using an XP2400
>(Xbox is a Celeron 700) using Nvidia 5200 ultra (somewhat close to
>what the Xbox has) tells me that HD content is _really_ cpu and GFX
>card intensive.
>Unless you could use XvMC (which knocks out some really nice filtering
>options) the XBox wouldn't have a prayer of playing back "full size"
>HD content. If you automatically transcoded it down, the machine could
>keep up better, but that defeats the purpose of HD doesn't it?

I don't have HDTV available here, but the folks over at pchdtv.com have 
been advocating fast CPU's for quite some time now (that reminds me, I'd 
better add a bit to the wiki about it). Their current spec indicates a 
1.2GHz Pentium or equivalent, and I'm assuming this is in conjunction with 
an accelerated GeForce4 or better.

Maybe you could build a Beowulf cluster of Xboxes to decode the HDTV ;) 

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