[mythtv-users] DVB Program Guide

Ben Rometsch ben at solidstategroup.com
Mon Sep 13 18:22:05 EDT 2004

I am forwarding this from Michael as he is unable to get onto the mailing
list for some reason. I live in London and have a DVB-T setup running,
scooping data from the Crystal Palace EPG and uploading it to his website.
If you want to get in touch with him, his address is below. 

Hope it is of some use to people who are not in London or are running with
an analoge card...

The file will be updated at 4am most mornings. 

From: Michael-Luke Jones 
Sent: 13 September 2004 22:16
Subject: Re: DVB Program Guide

Hi there,

I'll be setting up a site uploading the data from the Crystal Palace
transmitter in the near future with an upload every day. I'm getting a lot
of help with this from one of the guys on this list but I don't know if he
wants his name associated with this.

Obviously TV Is regional so some data will be wrong if you are outside
London but everything is very similar in England apart from Regional News
Programmes - Scotland is more variable but it's still better than a kick in
the teeth!

I need some help writing a cron scripts for people to use to download,
unbzip and import the file - any help would be more than welcome. Please
contact me through email - make sure to use jonesml[remove] at

When I set up the website I'll put up a PayPal donation box with a maximum
contribution of 2 - That'll help keep the site up & should be a bargain at
the price ;)

I'll also need some beta testers - if you are interested email
jonesml[remove] at fastmail.[remove]to

If anyone is interested in uploading data from different transmitters I
would be very pleased to provide hosting - definite EPG transmitters include
Waltham, Sandy Heath, Oxford, Tacolneston, Bluebell Hill, Fenton, Caradon
Hill and Rowridge. If you need any instructions for scraping email me and I
will dig up the appropriate info.


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