[mythtv-users] idx and sub subtitles

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Mon Sep 13 16:01:22 EDT 2004

On Monday 13 September 2004 09:20, MB wrote:
> Hi!
> I have a little problem with mythvideo. I want to watch a avi file
> that has subtitles in an .idx and .sub file.
> Now, I didn't find any options in the configuration to autoload those
> files if they are in the same folder than the avi file. I think the
> only way to play the subtitles in the current mythvideo is the
> command for the player software.
> In the Manpages of mplayer are the options -vobsub file.sub -vobsubid
> file.idx, so it should work, but how can I tell mplayer the name of
> the 2 files?
> Is there a variable for the filename WITHOUT the ending? ( The only
> variable in my current command for mplayer is %s, so I suppose this
> is the video filename)

Here's a Perl script I hacked together; I've been using it for quite a 
while with some success.  Note that I changed it to use SDL output 
instead of Xv to work around a driver bug; feel free to change it back 
to Xv if you prefer.

Assuming your mythvideo files are in $moviedir, the script will:

- look in $moviedir/.bookmarks for a edit list (if you use this script, 
pressing 'i' should set one, IIRC).  This allows you to do some 
rudimentary bookmarking (no feedback that your keypress was taken, 

- look in $moviedir/.subtitles for <moviefilename>.sub ; if it exists, 
it will launch mplayer with appropriate options.  The idx files should 
be in the .subtitles directory also.

- try to determine the resolution of the movie and switch to an 
appropriate video mode.  For 16:9 movies, instead of centering the 
picture vertically (black bars top & bottom), it will attempt to shift 
the picture closer to the top of the screen so that subtitles will 
display in the bottom black band (mplayer's subtitle rendering 
sometimes isn't readable over light scenes).

Use at your own risk!


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