[mythtv-users] Sound in FC2 2.6.8-1.521

Aaron Griffin aaronmgriffin at gmail.com
Mon Sep 13 15:29:07 EDT 2004

does your modules.conf still have the alsa section... check it out.

also, try:
echo "this will make some random noise" > /dev/dsp
and see if you get sound... I don't have much experience with kde but
it may use some sound daemon that isn't configured (may not have to do
with alsa at all)

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> > I'm currently going through Jarod's guided setup for and FC2 MythBox
> > and have hit a snag with my sound card. It's the onboard sound that is
> > on the Chaintech MBs, so it's the intel8x0. When I first installed
> > FC2, the test sound played fine. I then got to the point where I got
> > apt-get and upgraded the kernel as Jarod's specifies in the bottom of
> > his guide. I upgraded to the new kernel, rebooted into the new kernel,
> > and then removed the old (2.6.5-1.358) kernel from the machine. I then
> > went through and got the nvidia drivers functioning properly, and
> > moved onto the ALSA install. Before even touching the ALSA stuff, I
> > tried to go into the "sound card detection" in KDE and hit the "test
> > sound button" and it fails to play. Does the new kernel break the
> > sound for the intel8x0 chipsets? Any help would be greatly
> > appreciated. I would love to get this machine running in time for all
> > the new shows that start tonight and this week. Thanks.
> Don't know if this is related but every time I do a dist-upgrade, my
> sound stops working in mplayer only. MythTV, Music is fine my mythvideo
> has no sound. I "solved" it last time by uninstalling the alsa drivers
> and re-installing them. This didn't work today so I'm back to
> troubleshooting.
> Hope this helps someone answer...
> Eric
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