[mythtv-users] Some plugin suggestions

Aaron Griffin aaronmgriffin at gmail.com
Mon Sep 13 15:09:10 EDT 2004

Yeah, people probably do this all the time... and once I get a fully
working myth setup (cashflow issues) I will actually code some

Until then, here are some ideas:

>From http://www.gbpvr.com/plugins.html :
Comics reader (not for me, but some may like it)
IMDB reference (i.e. listing says "Casablanca" - hit a key to popup
IMDB information on it)
Local theater listings (don't know details, but the link above did it)

Other :
Cooking Recipies (I saw this somewhere but wasn't sure if it was fully
Audio MUX (don't know if the current setup can do this, but allow TV
to be muted and music to be overlaid... for watching things with lame
audio - like the weather channel, preview channel, baseball games,

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