[mythtv-users] Why and Why NOT FC2?

Nowhere nowhere at cox.net
Mon Sep 13 13:13:25 EDT 2004

Thanks for the inputs so far guys. I ask because not everything is where
I would like it and I do like staying current with drivers, kernels etc.

It seems there are two routes I can take to upgrade to FC2. I can change
a 1 to a 2 in the sources.list file and apt-get update && dist-upgrade.
This is a 520Mb dist upgrade and a little daunting (It tells me I have
to type in "Yes, do what I say!" to confirm LoL). 

Other choice is to backup my video db info and try a fresh install. As I
have never done the mysql backup and restore of the db this is (to me)
equally risky ( I don't want to loose the video information I already


What is the current status of the non-4kstacks ATrpms kernel. Is it
still needed? Have enough modules been built for it to get by yet?  If
this is still a sticky point I may hold off a while. Seems to be plenty
of people running FC2 now tho...

Thanks a bunch to everyone for their hard work!

My MythBox:
Athlon XP 2000+, MSI K7N2GM-L, 512MB Kbyte, 80GB Seagate Single Platter,
2xPVR250 Coolmax CX300B Silent PSU, Coolermaster ATC-610BX1 Case, Fedora
Core 1, 2.4.22-1.2179 kernel, ivtv-0.1.9, myth 0.15.20040505.1

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