[mythtv-users] mythtvburndvd script feature request

James Armstrong james at thearmstrongs.org
Mon Sep 13 12:32:50 EDT 2004

I love the mythtvburndvd script / web interface. I have one request / 
question. Is there any easy way to have an option that would take the 
total of the selected nuv files and figure out how much to compress / 
change bitrate on them to get them all to fit on a dvd? I am trying to 
find an easy way to archive shows on a DVD that can be viewed via a DVD 
player. This script is great but I can only get about three hour shows 
or one two hour show on one DVD. I don't know if anyone has seen 
dvdxcopy for windows but it will read a dvd and figure out how much to 
recompress the video to fit it on a single sided dvd to burn. This 
feature would be greatly appreciated if it could be added to the 
existing mythburndvd web script.

- James

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