[mythtv-users] 0.16 Update Problems

Liquid Gecka liquid_gecka at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 13 11:08:30 EDT 2004

Last night I updated my system to 0.16 and now I am
getting a few glitches. So far its really nice so if I
could just fix these little things then I would be in
great shape. If you have any clue on how to fix these
let me know =)

First off, all of my osd's (the recorded time,
commercial notification, and the channel browser) are
all gray scale. The menu's are nice and blue and the
video is crisp, but the osd stuff is not.

The video gets really choppy any time I use the osd
stuff. It eventually locks up but it takes a good
minute of choppy/laggy video before it happens.

Luckily I did this all on another partition so my
0.15.1 install is fine =) Either way, if you know how
to fix these let me know =)

nVidia GeForce 440 for output through S-Video.
A PVR250 and PVR350 for input.
Clean gentoo install with only the database copied
from the old install.
Xorg-X11 (6.8) instead of XFree if that matters.
Hauppauge Remote through lirc_i2c. 
Not sure what else to add =)

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