[mythtv-users] Problems with Bob under XvMC

Rob Hillis rob at hillis.dyndns.org
Mon Sep 13 10:16:16 EDT 2004

Doug Larrick wrote:

> When you say you see jitter with bob, does it look like maybe the fields
> are displayed in the wrong order?  There's code in libavcodec that's
> supposed to determine the field order, but maybe it's getting it wrong
> for your videos.

No, the playback is smooth, it just looks like the entire screen is 
jumping up and down by one pixel each frame.  You can only really notice 
it when there's text with a sharp edge being displayed on the screen 
(such as the OSD).  It's like looking at a monitor with an absurdly low 
refresh rate.

> As an aside, though... if you're using XvMC, you're not using these
> filters at all.  The only deinterlacing that can be done with XvMC is
> bob, and it's done with entirely different code.

Interesting.  I'll have to check my USE flags and make sure I have 
actually compiled my frontend with XvMC enabled...

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