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Jarod Wilson jcw at wilsonet.com
Mon Sep 13 01:41:10 EDT 2004

On Monday 13 September 2004 21:17, Tom E. Craddock, Jr. wrote:
> Jarod,
> First off, thank you for pointing this tool out to me.  I hadn't heard of
> it before.

I'd heard of it a while back, but only recently dove into using it. Started 
w/it at work, decided to do the same at home. Next up on my list are Debian 
and Gentoo mirrors...

> I think I have a decent handle on how to use it.  I currently 
> am using FC1 on my Myth Box and I'm planning on upgrading the hard drive to
> a 200 GB and move the 40 GB in there now to my file server to be a YAM for
> my Myth Box and new laptop.  Since this is going to be a fresh install and
> using FC2, I wanted to first setup the YAM so it has everything I have
> everything already on my file server for a FC2 MythTV Box and am in need of
> a yam.conf that already has the list for ATrpms, since the yam-example.conf
> already has freshrpms and other places I need.  Would you mind posting
> yours (if you don't mind) either here (which I can happily provide as a
> dload for others that need it from my site) or place it as a link on your
> guide

I probably ought to post up my entire yam.conf, I'll see about doing that when 
I have a chance. At the moment though, here's my FC2 excerpts for ATrpms:

name=Fedora Core $release ($arch)
tag=fc2 rhfc2

Then I have apt sources.list entries of:

rpm http://mirror.wilsonet.com yam/fc2-i386 at-production
rpm http://mirror.wilsonet.com yam/fc2-i386 at-testing
rpm http://mirror.wilsonet.com yam/fc2-i386 at-experimental

No, my mirror isn't publicly accessible and that host name won't resolve ;-). 
I'd make it public if I actually had the bandwidth though. I'm mirroring all 
of freshrpms, dag, newrpms and kde-redhat as well.

One other note: I believe Axel is transitioning the repo categorization names, 
thus you see production, instead of stable, experimental instead of bleeding, 

> when you finish your Honeydew list?  (Honey do this, Honey do 
> that..haha.yeah I'm not married, can you tell?).  Thanks in advanced if
> your able too.

Heh... Doesn't help that my wife had wrist surgery two weeks ago, so she has 
limited use of her right hand, then broke a small bone in her right foot 
earlier this week. 3-sport athlete in high school, athletic scholarship in 
college, but seems to be getting a bit klutzy as she ages... ;-)

Jarod C. Wilson, RHCE
jcw at wilsonet.com

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