[mythtv-users] escape out of MythVideo and MythWeather

Adam Haeder adamh at omaha.org
Sun Sep 12 23:32:36 EDT 2004

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Just upgraded my Fedora Core 1 box from .15 to .16. Did a source install
of everything is the main distribution, and outside of a few makefile
tweaks necessary for mythphone, everything went fine. I can play old
recordings and I can still record. I have a pvr250 card and a wintv analog
card in the box.

I only have 2 problems so far:
- - In MythWeather, I see the new animated radar map (very nice). The
problem is, once I see the map, I can't exit out. Both my keyboard and my
remote are unresponsive. I've verified that the window still has focus
(using blackbox as the wm, no other windows running). I have to
ctrl-alt-backspace and kill X to get out of it.
- - Similar thing in MythVideo. When I start a video, I lose complete
control. No keyboard keys or remote keys work at all. I assume it's still
using mplayer (although I didn't log into the box remotely and do a ps
while a video was playing, I'll have to try that), but I can't exit,
change volume, fast forward, anything. I watched a video through to the
end and it exits and goes back to the MythVideo screen by itself and I get
control back.

Has anyone else experienced these problems? Other than these, it's been a
good upgrade. I love the new features and new interface and am excited
about MythPhone.

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