[mythtv-users] Zap2it TV Listing Gaps - Rogers Cable - Toronto?

Colin Smillie csmillie at gmail.com
Sun Sep 12 22:53:22 EDT 2004

I'm having a strange problem where I seem to have consistant gaps in
my tv listings.  I'm using Rogers Canada for the Toronto area.  Every
week I have a gap on my TV listings from Tuesday at 7am until Thursday
at 7am.  I've noticed this for 2 weeks running.

I've checked my mythfilldatabase.log and backend logs, and don't see
any major signs of error.  In all cases it looks like the complete
lists are downloaded properly.  I also looked at the zap2it.com
listings ( via their web interface ) and they appear to have the
listings correct.
My subscription is in good standing and doesn't expire until end of November.  

I'm running mythtv 0.15.1 on Fedora Core, setup largely in accordance
with Jarod's guide.  The system had been running perfectly for several
months until this problem.

I'm going to log a listings bug wth zap2it but if anyone can think of
an explanation or areas to debug let me know.



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