[mythtv-users] Menu buttons off screen

Cedric Tefft cedric at phreaker.net
Sun Sep 12 22:29:58 EDT 2004

Steven White wrote:

> I'm seeing some display problems with the following menus in mythtv 
> 0.16 (I think they were the same in 0.15 for me too):
> Utilities & Setup->General
> Utilities & Setup->TV Settings->Program Guide
> Utilities & Setup->Video Settings->General Settings
> The back, next, cancel, and finish buttons are all off the bottom of 
> the screen.  I'd say it was something with my setup, but I've checked 
> all of the other menus and they are fine.  My screen resolution is set 
> to 664x448 with an X offset of 29 and Y offset of 16.  Is anyone else 
> seeing this?

Yeah, I've got this too, running at 1280x720 (no offset).  I wonder if 
this has something to do with scaling to aspect ratios other than 4:3?  

- Cedric

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