[mythtv-users] ACTiSYS !R200 , Lirc and SA 200 cable box

David Lyons djlyons1 at cox.net
Sun Sep 12 22:18:54 EDT 2004


	I am trying to get an ACTiSYS 200 to work with a SA2200 (or
3250) cable box, and have not been successful. I know my hardware and
lirc is configured correctly. (I can see IR pulses in video camera).

	I downloaded HE Remote (windows app) and was able to get the
ACTiSYS to control the cable box.

	At this point either I am generating too much noise when try to
teach lirc my remote codes (although it does not look that way in the
remoted.conf file), or the ACTiSYS is not able to transmit the codes to
my box using lirc.

	Below is the header from the HE Remote config file. Does anyone
know if lirc can transmit correctly with the below settings? If so any
advice on how to setup my remoted.conf?

			SerialPort, 2
			RemoteDevice, actisys
			Delay, 350
			CarrierFrequency, 57600
			BitTime, 555




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