[mythtv-users] Menu buttons off screen

Steven White stevew at s2microsolutions.com
Sun Sep 12 18:53:41 EDT 2004

I'm seeing some display problems with the following menus in mythtv 0.16 
(I think they were the same in 0.15 for me too):
Utilities & Setup->General
Utilities & Setup->TV Settings->Program Guide
Utilities & Setup->Video Settings->General Settings

The back, next, cancel, and finish buttons are all off the bottom of the 
screen.  I'd say it was something with my setup, but I've checked all of 
the other menus and they are fine.  My screen resolution is set to 
664x448 with an X offset of 29 and Y offset of 16.  Is anyone else 
seeing this?

BTW...the developers are doing a GREAT job!  Keep up the excellent work, 

Steve White

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