[mythtv-users] Re: Animated radar maps?

Mattsshack mythtv at mattsshack.com
Sun Sep 12 16:35:45 EDT 2004

Sure enough, that was the trouble. I did an apt-get update and there was a
new package for myth-suite, myth-themes, etc. When I did an apt-get upgrade
it said that Titivillus would be replaced by myth-themes. Now it all works.

Thank you all again!

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On Sun, 12 Sep 2004 13:28:03 -0500, Mattsshack <mythtv at mattsshack.com>
> mythtv-theme-Titivillus_0.20040807-4.at_noarch.rpm is the theme I am
> and 73003 is my zip code. Is there another theme that works better that I
> should be using? I will try to change the theme tonight and see if that
> fixes the animated map.

You should be using the version of Titivillus that came with .16 not
one from an RPM.  Those are far out of date with the .16 release.

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