[mythtv-users] 0.16 Muting Problem

Ryan Long rmlong at gmail.com
Sun Sep 12 12:59:04 EDT 2004

Hi all -

I upgraded my 0.15 myth to the 0.16 release.  Since then I am unable
to get any sound from my old recordings or livetv.  It seems that myth
thinks that the sound is muted.  When I hit | or F9 the OSD does not
toggle "Mute On" "Mute Off", it only displays "Mute On".  I'm also not
able to adjust the volume.  Nothing else has changed on my machine and
I am able to get sound from mythmusic using the same audio setup

I do use the alsa sound and enabled it in settings.pro.  I also
disabled the OSS audio output.

There were no messages from the frontend or backend regarding sound.


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