[mythtv-users] A P2P like feature for video guide / EPG

Dennis Cartier pvr at trigger.net
Sun Sep 12 09:20:21 EDT 2004

VJ wrote:

> Hi,
>     Is it possible that there can be a P2P like setup for getting EPG 
> data? This way we mythTV users will never hog a particular site (e.g. UK 
> Radio Times have gone down now)?

I agree that this would seem to be an excellent opportunity to make use 
of P2P technology to less the impact of the Myth community's pulling of 
programming data.

Unfortunately I doubt the providers of the programming would quite see 
it the same way. You have to remember that this is not our data, and we 
are allowed to use it only within the constraints that the are laid out 
by the entities that own it.

For instance the arrangement with Zap2it seems to revolve around free 
access to an easily parsed source of data in exchange for each user 
completing a survey every 3 months. Take away the need for each user to 
individually hold up their end of the arrangement, completing the 
survey, and you also eliminate much of the benefit for the provider and 
most likely their desire to continue with an amenable arrangement.

This is of course only my opinion. I have had no contact with the 
providers. I may be way off base.


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