[mythtv-users] Recording every part of a TV series

Markus Meissner mlist at meissner.it
Sun Sep 12 06:34:06 EDT 2004


I think that I am just to stupid to find the options, so never mind if this is 
a silly question...

I want to record every part of the Simpsons series. The problem is that in my 
program-guide every part has a different name: "Simpsons 4. Teil", "Simpsons 
5. Teil", "Simpsons 6. Teil" (Teil is part in german) etc. No matter what 
option in the Recording-Screen I use, the other parts are never recoreded (or 
at least not marked to be recorded). 

One solution would be that I just can say "Record 'Simpsons *.Teil' everywhere 
you find it". Is that possible?

Beste Gruesse / Best regards Markus Meissner

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