[mythtv-users] mfd problem

Steven mythmail at richardstraat.homedns.org
Sun Sep 12 03:23:52 EDT 2004

>>  MusicDBSchemaVer | 1002
> 	And this says version 1002.
> 	This is a bit odd. You didn't, by chance, have the album artist patch
> applied
> at some point? Or, perhaps, the username/password in mysql.txt has write
> permission over the settings table but not the musicmetadata table?
never tried that patch (waiting 'till it gets into CVS) and permissions
are the same for every mythconverg table.

> 	One thing to try is to shut everything down, do:
> 	update settings set data = 1001 where value = "MusicDBSchemaVer";
> 	then rerun the mfd.
That did the trick. First mfd message was something like : "upgrading
MusicDBSchemaVer to 1002" and now it works!!!!

Thanks Thor. Great work on mfd/mfe btw.


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