[mythtv-users] Epia MII - Eden 666Mhz or C3 1000Mhz?

James Tyson james at giantrobot.co.nz
Sat Sep 11 23:22:30 EDT 2004

> I'm putting together the final specs on a MythTV box, and I really 
> want to give the EPIA chipset a try.  The MII chipset has a PCMCIA 
> slot that I can use for a wireless card as well, which is an added 
> bonus.  My main question is whether to go with a Eden 666Mhz or C3 
> 1000Mhz.  The Eden has a tiny power draw and is fanless, while the C3 
> has a fan and more power.  The price difference is not too much (with 
> the C3 being cheaper).  So, here are a few questions that will 
> hopefully help me sort things out:
> Is the fan audible on the C3?
> Will I be able to hear it if it is the only fan in the box and the box 
> is under my TV at about 6ft away?

My C3 is damn noisy.  I was a little disappointed with mine when I 
first fired it up and it was so noisy.  Well, okay, it's not as loud as 
my dual athlon machine or anything, but it is noisy enough to be 
noticeable when you're trying to sit quietly reading a book.

I just got powernowd sorted out and it's throttling the CPU back to 
666MHz when it's not doing anything, and that's made a significant 
difference to the amount of noise it makes.

I think that the most important thing you can do is very carefully 
choose a quiet case.  If you're in the US then you have much more 
choice than me - all I could get my hands on without paying huge 
amounts of international shipping was a Via Serenity S2000 case, which 
has the added bonus of the PCI riser stopping my DVD drive from being 
able to fit into the case :)

> Is 666Mhz enough for a MythTV box with a PVR-250 (HW encode) and the 
> EPIA chipset (HW decode)?

The HW decode is something I haven't been able to actually get going 
yet, so I couldn't comment, but I have a plain old bt878 based card, 
and I have real problems with CPU usage while trying to watch live tv 
(frame rate = about 1Hz).  I also have a weird problem where everything 
captured from the v4l card appears as black on a green background.

> If, in the future, I want to go for HDTV, would 666Mhz be enough for 
> decoding?  Would 1000Mhz?
> Is 256MB of RAM enough for this setup?  The EPIA chipset has only 1 
> DIMM slot and I have 2x256MB sticks lying around.
> Also, related, what is the best and easiest way to put together a 
> dedicated EPIA MythTV box?  Will KnoppMyth work?  How about Jarod's 
> guide?  I've used Red Hat 9, but not much else really.  However, I 
> have a MS in CS, so hopefully I can stumble my way through whatever 
> needs doing ;)

I'm trying to do it all myself, which is the main hold up for me.  
Don't expect everything to work perfectly with the MII 1k motherboard 
without some serious fiddling.

Try http://www.linpvr.org/ if you're looking for an out-of-the-box 

> Thanks in advance,
> Micah
> P.S. I know these questions have probably been asked/answered already, 
> but I cannot seem to search the archives right now.  The server is 
> down or something.
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