[mythtv-users] MythWeb, MIME type for nuv

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Sat Sep 11 21:24:48 EDT 2004

> I've defined my video_url as follows:
> define('video_url', 'file://///fileserver/video');

That tells the browser to look on the local filesystem for the file.

> I'm using a PVR-250 so my nuv files MPEG2.  I need to add a MIME type to
> my .htaccess file so that clicking a video link brings up my mpeg2
> player (zoom player) and opens it over my Samba link (not streamed).  
> I've tried various "AddType" lines but nothing is working so far.  Has 
> anyone got this working?  Thanks,

If you're looking on the local filesystem, the web server (and the 
.htaccess file) has nothing to do with the mime type.  The browser 
itself is guessing based on its own internal settings, so you'll have to 
edit those (I don't know where, but there should be something online).


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