[mythtv-users] Good news for Pundit-R users

myth-lane at dowobeha.net myth-lane at dowobeha.net
Sat Sep 11 18:30:38 EDT 2004

Quoting Prash <prashk at staff.btltd.net>:

> I saw ATI update their fglrx drivers yesterday to support Radeon 9100
> (pundit-R) with TVOut. But it still does not support 2.6 kernel but the
> good news is at least they are working on it.
> I've written them a strong e-mail asking them to keep up to date with
> latest distros. In the meanwhile I'm still struggling with the gatos ati.2
> drivers for TVOut.
> Prash

Good to hear! I'm considering a Pundit, and it'd be nice if the Pundit-R was an
option. So do you have the Pundit-R? If so, what sort of luck have you had with
the gatos drivers?

Do you plan to test out the new ATI driver? It'd be awesome to find out that the
TV-out now can work.


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