[mythtv-users] UK Radio Times grabber looks like it's dead

The CAPS Team caps at caps-project.org
Sat Sep 11 18:28:09 EDT 2004

David wrote:

 >Paul Woodward wrote:
 >>Just a thought, but could someone with DVB and broadband provide the
 >I've recently suggested something similar.
 >The bandwidth demands are pretty high and you'd need a 'properly
 >connected' server.
 >Using a bb connection to prime it should be fine.

I don't think that is a problem. We could use freecache.

See here:

I initially had concerns about the regularity of updates, but then found 


So, I think as long as we actually provide a file with everything in, 
and not something dynamically generated like bleb's XMLTV output, I 
don't see this being a problem.


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