[mythtv-users] Thinking about DVB

Andrew Ingram adingram at clara.co.uk
Sat Sep 11 17:02:53 EDT 2004

With the current broken state of the tv_grab_uk_rt I have started to think
about adding a DVB-T card to my Myth box alongside the existing PVR250. I
figured I'd be able to use the DVB listings grabber once that is setup.

My Myth box runs Debian and uses a 2.6.5 kernel with DVB built in to it.
Anyway, the reason for this email was to ask if anyone knows anything about
the Leadtek LR6650 DVB card. Do these work OK with mythtv? Does anyone have
any experience regarding the quality of the card etc? Maybe it's one to
avoid? I know it uses a Thomson 7578 tuner and a Conexant CX23881 decoder.
Google'ing didn't show up anything very up to date on these chips and Linux

Any hints and tips would be appreciated.


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