[mythtv-users] UK Radio Times grabber looks like it's dead

Paul Woodward paul_woodward at fastnet.co.uk
Sat Sep 11 15:36:49 EDT 2004

I would have thought that a bziped download wouldn't be too bad as xml
is highly compressible - will have a little experiment. We could set up
a bunch of mirrors and a script to try each randomly, there must be a
ton of people like me with bb and fixed IPs.

DVB-T will only give listings for freeview. I'm not a sky user so I
don't know of a solution on that front, although bleb.org does offer


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Paul Woodward wrote:

>Just a thought, but could someone with DVB and broadband provide the

I've recently suggested something similar.
The bandwidth demands are pretty high and you'd need a 'properly
connected' server.
Using a bb connection to prime it should be fine.

Does DVB provide the data for all channels ?
Including Sky etc?



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