[mythtv-users] 350PVR + DVB card

Steven Christall steve.c at clear.net.nz
Sat Sep 11 12:49:58 EDT 2004


I have just ventured into the MythTV world in the last couple of weeks 
and initially took the easy road, KnoppMyth + PVR-350 + SB card digital 
out + IR blaster controlling Sky, everything working fine, but 
occasional front end Xwindows lockups when ff

Anyway I have been considering getting a DVB card so I have two 
recording sources, and reliable listings data! 

My questions are related around two recording sources, with different 
available channels and different qualities.  Does MythTV handle this, ie 
can I have a perference to record the free to air channels via the DVB 
card, and the extra Sky channels obviously via the PVR / Sky combo?

Also does DVB listings include everything (aka Sky channels) or just the 
free to air ones?

Finally I am planning on building Myth myself on top of???  I know the 
most about Redhat, I use RH9 + ES/AS3 at work ... so is Fedora a good 
platform or is Debian a better / cleaner (from a patch point of view) path?

Thanks to this great list

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