[mythtv-users] Problem with Search IMDB in 0.16

Andrei Rjeousski arjeousski at gmail.com
Sat Sep 11 12:18:27 EDT 2004

Hey, the new way of getting covers from amazon (if nothing can be
found on imdb) requires XML::Simple perl module.

Heres some info on how to install modules:
Look in section "CPAN.pm"

Or you can run these commands

>perl -MCPAN -e shell
>install XML::Simple

Hope it works for you,


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From: Darren Richards <darren.richards at cox.net>
Date: Sat, 11 Sep 2004 08:27:08 -0700
Subject: [mythtv-users] Problem with Search IMDB in 0.16
To: Discussion about mythtv <mythtv-users at mythtv.org>

Since migrating to 0.16, I'm getting the following error when I try to
search the IMDB database for move info:
Can't locate XML/Simple.pm in @INC
I used apt-get to do the install.  Has anyone seen this, and is there
a workaround?

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Andrei Rjeousski

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