[mythtv-users] Remote Backend

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Sat Sep 11 10:58:35 EDT 2004

> If I record something on my PVR250 backend, it will save the file over the
> network to the frontend box.  Now, finally, for my question.  When I want to
> watch a program recorded by the PVR250, I think the frontend will ask for
> the data from the remote backend, which will have to read it off the disk in
> the frontend (meaning the data has to go from the frontend box to the
> backend box and back to the frontend box).  Is that really the case?  Or
> does the backend just tell the frontend where the file is located and let it
> read it itself (in which case the frontend would just read the file on the
> local disk, and the video doesn't have to cross the network at all)?

If a frontend has access to a recorded file via a normal filesystem (whether
it's a local filesystem or an nfs-mounted filesytem), the frontend should read
the file directly rather than asking the backend to stream the file.  This
feature is used by a lot of people that have their recordings directory exported
via NFS and mounted on all the remote frontends.  Some people, including myself,
have the recordings directory mounted via NFS everywhere, including the master
backend, so all backends and frontends share the same directory mounted off
a NFS server which doesn't even have Myth installed on it.  This feature helps
keep network traffic to a minimum rather than having to send the recording
data over the network twice.



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