[mythtv-users] Btaudio questions

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Fri Sep 10 23:24:21 EDT 2004

Chris La Force wrote:
> Hello,
>   I have just setup mythtv and read about btaudio.
> In
> the documentation it says that btaudio is supported
> by
> the Hauppauge WinTV - Theater card (model 495,498). 
> I
> have a Hauppauge WinTV - Theater card, but I am not
> sure it is one of these models.  No messages about
> btaudio appear when I run the dmesg command. If I
> try
> to do a modprobe on btaudio I get the error that the
> module is not found.  I'm not sure if I need to add
> something to my modprobe.conf file or what.  I am
> just
> looking for a little directions here.

That means that the btaudio hasn't been built or installed
for your kernel. A couple things to be aware of. Even if
it is available and does load, that doesn't mean that it
will work with your card. It will load successfully for any
card. It is often assumed that btaudio must be the best option.
I don't believe that is the case. It may limit the bitrate to
32000 and it may be difficult or impossible to set the recording
volume and if the DSP gives you hissy or choppy audio, you can't
replace it. None of these are a problem if you simply plug the
audio into the line-in of a sound card.

The best choice is to get a good sound card for both input and
output. You should probably only use btaudio if there is no
available line-in and no more PCI slots. Even then, if your card
doesn't work or work well with btaudio your only other choice
is to buy another turner card and hope the it might work with

--  bjm

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