[mythtv-users] OT: Gmail invites

Phill Wiggin wigginp at mantech-wva.com
Fri Sep 10 10:58:01 EDT 2004

Drew Whittle wrote:

>If you people don't stop it I'm just going to create a filter and send
>anything with an email address of @gmail.com straight into /dev/null
>drop it / put it in your signature / take it elsewhere / P  S O F
>(and now I've contributed to the problem, but maybe, just maybe you'll
>all read this and shut up about gmail - and no I'm not going to reply on
>list to anything to do with this thread any longer)
That's a great idea.  If you don't want to see anything about Gmail invites, just set up a filter to delete the posts as they come in.  Just because you don't want to see the requests deosn't mean no one else does.

As my other post in this thread points out, not everyone who has invtes has a MythTV related post to make, so putting invite information in the sig doesn't do them any good. 

That being said, I've gotten a request or two for my gmail invites, but a certain someone can't follow instructions (Public ridicule is fun! ;) ).  I said send a request to alamar at gmail.com .... not hit "Reply".  


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