[mythtv-users] display resolution switching still not working

Buechler, Mark R Mark_R_Buechler at bausch.com
Fri Sep 10 09:45:06 EDT 2004

I believe all 1080i content is encoded at 1088 because of something to do
with the mpeg standard. 

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John Patrick Poet wrote:

>On Thu, 9 Sep 2004, James Armstrong wrote:
>>I am still having a problem with the Use different screen size option. 
>>I start X using KDE at 1920x1080i. Looks good. Mythfrontend starts 
>>then switches to the 888x508 size as I have it set. Everything looks 
>>good. If I play a 720x480 show it looks good. I have the default size 
>>set to 888x508, the same as the gui. I have an entry for 1920x1080 
>>video format that uses the resolution of 1920x1080i. The screen 
>>resizes when I playback a file of that size but I am still getting 
>>just the upper left corner of the recording showing on the screen.
>If a 1920x1080i show is the first thing you watch after starting 
>mythfrontend, does the "right" thing happen?
>>The rest of the video is
>>hidden or not shown. I get the standard desktop background on the 
>>3/4 of the screen.
>Interesting.  I have not seen that behavior in a very long time.  I 
>still get the behavior where the rest of the screen is black 
>occasionally, but a restart of X fixes the problem.
>>I am using myth v0.16  from cvs last night on Fedora core 1.
>>- James
Ok, ignore previous message from me. I wanted to be sure the switch
resolution was working so I enabled verbose on playback. It appears it was
still switching to the 888x508 because the video was recorded at
1920x1088 for some reason and I only had 1920x1080 in the setup as one of
the alternatives. I added 1920x1088 as the second alternative and set it to
switch to 1920x1080i. I restarted X and it starts in 1920x1080i then
mythfrontend starts and it changes to 888x508 and looks ok. When I playback
the 1920x1088 show it flashes black, then the desktop shows, then the upper
left quarter of the recording plays in the upper left corner of the desktop.

On that note, maybe we can have the code that checks for the width and
height of the video to determine the screen size to switch to do something
like if Width is >= to set option and Height is >= set option then switch
resolutions. That way if the video is recorded as 1920x1080 or 1920x1088 it
will switch if the setting is 1920x1080. That would still leave the second
option open for other resolutions.

Let me know what else you might need. Running FC1, XFree86  release 4.3.0,
KDE desktop, NVidia driver 6111

- James
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