[mythtv-users] CVS UI Questions

Nathan Ziarek nziarek at gmail.com
Fri Sep 10 09:41:59 EDT 2004

> Oscar Carlsson:
> So use the classic menu style then?

Well, A. the Classic menu doesn't do exactly what I am talking about
either. In that case, if you have enough items, it starts to just feel
cluttered. There is no organization to it, just menu items in a list.
I am not railing against the new menu version so much as trying to
offer a discussion about it and attempting to create a system that
builds more to a wider variety of tastes. B. if MythTV is to be used
as a general purpose PVR+ box, it should adhere to some general
principles of good layout. One of those is that forcing users to
switch to classic mode, when it is better for the general audience, is
a bad idea. Now, I am not saying that Classic Mode is better (I prefer
it), but I am saying that simply offering a suggestions like "Use
classic mode" not only kills this thread, but kills any discussion
about how to best implement features in MythTV. If, for every problem
in MythTV we find someone answers "Do this workaround" no matter how
simple, MythTV is dead in the water. Period.

> J. Donavan Stanley:
> Or create a new menu theme.  If enough people like the new menu theme
> then perhaps the "new" menus can be moved to a menu theme.  After all 
> the current "new" menus started as a menu theme that a lot of people 
> liked. Personally I don't care for the proposed menu from this thread but to
> each his own.

Another double pointer - what don't you like about my proposed layout?
Once again, I am not saying it is the best, but I want to aggregate
people's suggestions and incorporate them into a menu structure that
the entire (or a large percentage thereof) MythCommunity can agree on.
 Maybe that isn't possible, but I'd still like to continue the
discussion about it. If you have particular dislikes, I'd like to
know. Same thing about personal likes in the current layout. Every
little bit of feedback rounds the project into a better whole.

How do you know that a lot of people liked the current menus? As I
said, I figured that this would have been covered before, but I
haven't seen any mention on the lists. Is there a place where these UI
discussions are already going on? If so, I can drop this thread. I am
only attempting to get discussions like that going. I think the new
layout is completely counter-intuitive and would love to see the
discussion that brought it to that point. If it was on the list and I
missed it, I apologize.

Hopefully we can keep the discussion going. I've worked on themes in
the past, and am working on one now, but I think this goes deeper than
on Iulius it (will) look[s] like this. On Titivillus it looks like
this. On Purple Galaxy yet another layout. Maybe you disagree...but
that is what I want to hear.


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