[mythtv-users] Actisys 200L unresolved symbol errors UPDATE

Shawn Asmussen asmussen at cox.net
Thu Sep 9 23:16:44 EDT 2004

> Ok making progress now.  I went ahead and reinstalled my kernel source
> and this time I was able to compile and load without any unresolved
> symbol errors.
> At this point my configuration looks to be ok, however when I run the
> change_channel script, nothing happens on my cable box.  I pointed my
> video camera at the 200L and see IR bursts when the script is run.
> To make sure I was pointing directly at the cable box IR receiver, I ran
> the change_channel script thru a "while true" loop and moved the device
> around my cable box.
> Has anyone used the 200L with a SA 2200? I am using the Explorer_2000
> remote script from lirc.org
> Dave

Well, I'm  using a 200L with an SA 2000. Unfortunately, the 200L is NOT
well known for operating well with SA boxes. I have tried my 200L on two
different SA 2000 boxes, and with one of them, it does not work at all. On
the other (The one I'm currently using on my mythtv system), it works
perfectly. I have no idea why one works and the other doesn't. Worse yet,
on some of the newer SA boxes (Including probably your 2200), the lirc
driver for the 200L will not transmit at the higher frequency that is used
by those particular boxes. Here is a link to an old lirc mailing list
message that sums it up fairly well:


I originally thought that this was why it did not work with my 2000, and I
ordered one of these:


However, before it arrived, I discovered that my 200L would work with a
different SA 2000 box, although why this is true stumps me. So, since I
had it working well when the homebrew transmitter arrived, I decided to
leave well enough alone, and save the other transmitter for if I ever
decided to build a second Myth box. Therefore, I've never actually tried
out the homebrew model, but it seems pretty well constructed, and since
it's sold by the guy who actually wrote the 200L driver for lirc, I'm
guessing that he probably knows what he's doing, so if you end up giving
up on the 200L, that might be an inexpensive alternative for you.

Shawn Asmussen

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